Here is KPL velocity stacks for S&S E and G carbs

It has been tested in fuel, heat doesn't melt.

It's made with high quality Nylon by injection mold.

I'll also make B/L series and will be make other chopper stuff too !!

Each velocity stack comes with hardware and original viton rubber gasket.

The gasket is very thin and fills up clearance between the body.

NOW available for E&G

If you are interested hit me up any time.

all customers are 100% satisfied.



 aluminum Type  sold out
  Made in USA  

type2 short 

type2 long 

type1 long 

type1 short 

type2 short  sold out

type2 long 

type1 long 

Viton Rubber gasket 
 (this comes with all velocity stacks)


it's been on this chopper for about 1year