For sale

For sale Panhead.
My friend build this chopper and want to sell.
 Im just give him a hands.
The bike starts, runs good and is fairly fast.
Matching belly numbers and clean tittle.
Original wish born frame that was restored the neck which is an early 28 degrease.
1953 FLshovel cylinder and STD outside oiler heads, Andrews J grind, S&S oil pomp
super E, Cycle erectric generator and some more.
if you interested let me know.

 And For sale this my 1985 F 350 dully.
I really don't wanna sell this truck but i need some cash now.
Just finished a renewal with Registration in this month. It's valid for one year.
Its Still running and no big issues, but this is old truck need to some love you know...
If you interested please let me know.